Month: August 2018

  • Transitioning beyond the small pond.

    Our company, Castle Worldwide, was recently purchased by Scantron. Scantron, in turn, is owned by Harland Clarke, which should be familiar to you if you write checks: their name is on the bottom-left corner of every check I’ve ever seen. Castle had been a 30-year-old privately-owned company  with a very small number of individual owners […]

  • No, my abs aren’t weak – they’re just sleepy.

    This past week I went to see a sports massage therapist (John Stiner of Stiner Massage) to look into the issues I was having with my painful right hip. I went to John because he’s not just a massage therapist; he’s someone who looks at your whole body to diagnose what’s going on and then […]

  • Amazon vs. Shopping Local.

    We Hansleys are spoiled by our Amazon Prime membership.  Personally, I love being able to get whatever I want delivered within a day or two without having to drive anywhere or having to talk to an actual person. Its only limit is groceries, even though Amazon now owns Whole Foods and allows you to order […]

  • Lessons from a 12-miler.

    I did 12 miles at Umstead yesterday. It took me almost four hours to do those 12 miles, thanks to hip pain that manifested itself halfway through my out-and-back run. The worst part wasn’t the physical pain; it was the mental calisthenics my brain put me through as I tried to deal with the disappointment of […]